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Job search in Canada. What vacancies in 2019 Ukrainians and Russians can count on?

Canada – more than thirty-five million people live in it – one of the largest in size after Russia, a country that is also considered one of the richest in the world. Working in Canada is a dream for many people from the CIS. The country occupies one of the leading places in attracting foreign labor resources.

There is a situation in the country that is difficult to imagine anywhere else on the planet: only about 30% of people who call themselves Canadians live on its territory, while the rest are people from other countries who have received Canadian citizenship.

Prospects for labor immigrants .

Unemployment rates in the Canadian state are extremely low. This creates a huge competition in the labor market, especially since the state position is extremely loyal to the intellectual resources attracted from abroad. The second most important factor in the attractiveness of work in Canada is the qualitative level of social protection of citizens who work within the kingdom. The Ukrainian diaspora is very strong in the kingdom, so it is not surprising that many residents of modern Canada have Ukrainians and Russian immigrants in their lineage. High wages, social security and relative ease of obtaining a residence permit entail a huge number of immigrants to the expanses of Canada.

It is not without reason that one of the latest statements by the Government of Canada directly indicates that the state relies on foreign labor resources in economic development.

Features employment Canada Work in Canada provides mandatory employment on a contractual or contractual basis. In addition, labor in the kingdom is strictly regulated and has a clear classification, is divided into categories: regulated specialties and not regulated. The former require mandatory participation in the association of professional workers and the availability of a license; much more loyal conditions are presented to the latter, but wages are correspondingly lower.

You can go to work in Canada, having a signed contract with a Canadian firm and getting the right to work inside the country. But the right to work does not mean the right to enter and stay in the territory of the kingdom. Therefore, before making hasty decisions and taking concrete steps, it is necessary to carefully prepare the necessary documentation and familiarize yourself with the requirements of the immigration policy of the province in which you are supposed to work. The legislative framework of the Canadian Kingdom provides a number of programs for labor immigration.

Mandatory employment conditions in Canada.

To conduct work within the country you need to get a Canadian work visa. Foreign citizens are required to petition for this document outside the kingdom.

A firm that invites a foreign specialist to work in 2019 must submit the following information to the Ministry of Labor Resources:

  • Wage level;
  • Working conditions;
  • Job responsibilities;
  • List of required knowledge and skills;
  • Personal data of the future employee.

After all the necessary checks have been carried out, the employee approves the proposal to attract a foreigner and enters this information into the general database of the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.

This is a temporary work permit in Canada.

As well as the representative of the company sends a notice of permission to conclude a contract with a foreign worker. After receiving the notification, the representative of the company is obliged to send the following documents to the hired worker:

  • A copy of the letter from the Ministry of confirmation of the invitation in connection with the work activity
  • Detailed certified contract
  • Terms of health insurance.

After receiving all the necessary documents to the future employee must obtain permission ve bldg in anu page. To do this, all documents must be submitted to the consulate.

Work searches.

Due to the huge spaces and administrative division of the country, vacancies in Canada are very different and directly depend on the area in which a foreign citizen plans to work. In large cities with a developed infrastructure, heavy industry, there is a great demand for service personnel and technical specialties, in agrarian areas, respectively, workers in cargo transportation and livestock specialists are required. Workers of intellectual labor are weakly in demand. For immigrants from the CIS countries, in particular, Ukrainians, there is no question of how to find work in Canada, since their diligence and responsibility have long become a hallmark in the second largest country in the world.

Features the most sought after jobs in Canada .

Because of the huge area occupied by Canada and the relatively underdeveloped railway network, the motor vehicle driver profession is particularly in demand in the country. Despite the relative ease of obtaining this profession, its payment is one of the leading places in the ranking of the most paid. This is due to the fact that getting a driver, even without intermediaries, can anyone who has the right and driving experience. But this work in Canada has its own peculiarity. Anyone who claims to be a driver in 2019 should be ready to drive for 10-12 hours a day, even if he works in the city. The one who works as a truck driver, in general, can be away from home and family for twenty days a month. Not many maintain such a rhythm of labor, therefore, it is extremely difficult to work as a driver in Canada, the staff turnover is huge and there is a constant demand forstress-resistant , responsible specialists in the transport industry.

In addition to driving experience, excellent health and sustainable psyche, it is highly desirable to confirm driving courses in the country, working in one of the official languages ​​above the average level and “Canadian” work experience for working in the Canadian transport network. If the applicant has all of the above, then this is almost a 100% chance of getting well-paid work for a fairly long time. If the future employee has positive feedback and recommendations from his previous place of work, he will be welcome in almost any Canadian company.

Canada is an industrial country with developed heavy industry, constantly developing, developing innovative projects and realizing its potential.   

The increase in population and the presence of large companies that are seeking to expand their influence on the still undeveloped territories of the country cause a steady growth of cities and the construction of various enterprises.

Considering the latest trends in construction and the pace of development of the territories in 2019, one of the most sought-after professions is the welder.

Anyone who has worked as a welder and has established himself as a qualified specialist, receives a salary comparable to the salary of a medium-sized enterprise director. After all, the use of welding work in the country is very extensive, from high-rise skyscrapers to underwater gas-welding works in the ocean. One of the main conditions for the work of a welding specialist is to be a generalist, to have the skills to operate both classical, manual equipment, and to understand the latest automatic and semi-automatic devices.

Work on the farms of Canada.

Canadian farms are narrowly specialized: growing crops or raising cattle – and mixed. Work on a farm in Canada is seasonal, so the main search for a new workforce occurs in the winter months. In the midst of the sowing season or during the harvest, it will be difficult to find a decent workplace, as rational farmers prepare in advance for such responsible activities.

Available vacancies and types of work for residents of the former Soviet Union. Work for Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians in Canada will always be there. Firstly, quite a lot of people from the CIS live there, and secondly, the Canadian government, hardworking and having special professions in demand by specialists, has begun to actively attract to itself. Responses of working foreigners in Canada are quite diverse, but they all agree that if you set yourself a clear goal – to find a profitable job, it is not difficult. In recent years, including in 2019, the vacancy of a programmer has become popular. This trend is likely to continue in 2019. This profession is now popular and in demand all over the world. Many countries in order to attract gifted people are developing special programs for their quick relocation. For them, special conditions are created that allow you to obtain permanent residence in Canada, and then Canadian citizenship.

In Canada, the most frequent vacancies for foreigners in such areas:        

Transport industry – truckers, drivers, mechanics; Construction sphere – handymen, plumbers, bricklayers and so on; Services nurses, nannies;

Restaurant- hotel industry – dishwasher, borschitsy, administrators, waiters.