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The story of a truck driver from Ukraine who moved to Canada: “I could not even dream about such a car before”

Due to the shortage of truck drivers that appeared several years ago in Canada, the country’s transport companies are turning to French, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian professional drivers and amateurs ..

“If you could see the beautiful landscapes that I contemplate right now …” 34-year-old Roma, working on his glittering truck, returns home to a pretty Quebec town. After 30 days of non-stop work, he intends to take a few days off. “In Canada, we are working 70 hours a week – he says – I’m home 36 hours a week and do home, hug your children, sleep and leave … because here, at least, am I allowed to do their job: to drive trucks ! ”

Roma arrived a year and a half ago, in September 2015, with his wife and two daughters . Roman is excited: “My wife followed me with my two little daughters , and today none of them want to see Ukraine again in its current position, we don’t understand why we didn’t come here before.”

History of Roma

A former truck driver in a military establishment did not accept some of the principles of the Ukrainian system. He is the son of a trucker, with a natural passion for the road, he felt how this flame gradually disappears. In Canada, I can not only work, but also earn for my beloved family. Thanks to moving to Canada, I changed my life. Previously, I could not even dream of such a machine, which I presented to my beloved wife in honor of the anniversary of our wedding.

“Young Canadians no longer want to do this job.”

Roma decides to cross the Atlantic. Now he works as a driver in Quebec, that is, he does not own his own truck, but sells his services to transport companies. “I sign a contract for the company, and if it goes badly, I will knock on any door, and I’m sure I will find a job.”Young Canadians no longer want to do this work, and we, Ukrainians, ask only about this!

The pursuit of big cars and big spaces was felt by Anton and Vitaly, both working for a large company specializing in the selection, training and employment of foreign truck drivers in Quebec. “Ukrainians are more and more interested in coming to work,” say colleagues, who sent a large number of drivers to Quebec. In Quebec, there are no obstacles to the language, the quality of life is better, the rules are less stringent, as on European roads and, above all, more than 20,000 vacancies in Quebec every year. ”

Not only in Quebec, but also in general, in Canada by 2020 there will be a big shortage of drivers. “We hire a lot of foreign drivers, Ukrainians, Poles, Russians and, in particular, French ones , because they are very competent and value their work,” says the head of a major transportation company operating throughout North America. The number of foreign drivers we are going to recruit will increase exponentially in the coming months and years. ”

For example, companies are asking foreign drivers with a driving experience of at least five years, including two years abroad, and a little knowledge of the English language necessary for driving outside of Canada. “In exchange for this, we pay our drivers properly, their salaries contain a non-taxable toll, which increases the internal cost of compensation and gives them 7,000 Canadian bonuses.”