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Service Transnational is onefrom successful employment companies in Canada.

For more than 5 years we have been helping in the employment of newcomers, who arrive in the country of great opportunities.

Over 300 employers
in various fields from movers
to programmers

5 years of successful work
and over 500 people who
stayed in Canada for permanent housing

Preparation of documentation
We help to collect all the necessary documents and get an invitation.
for any question of accommodation
and work in Canada

Assistance in obtaining a contract to work
we will make a competent summary in English and French

Assistance in obtaining a visa
après l'invitation officielle
conseiller sur tout
qui concerne le visa

About canada

A country that is impressive in its size when you first look at the world map. The area of ​​Canada is slightly larger than China, but 40% smaller than Russia. Therefore, the North American state is the second largest in the world rankings. But along the length of the coastline - the undisputed leader. Washed by the waves of three oceans.

Job in Canada

The North American state attracts with its success, development and stability. It is believed that there is no social inequality in the country. The average wage level reached 4 thousand Canadian dollars per month (the ratio to the US - ¾).

Life in canada

Canada is one of the richest countries in the world, its diversified economy is actively developing. GDP per capita exceeds 45 thousand dollars. There is a transparent taxation system (it is obligatory for the labor migrants to pay taxes).

Canada Holidays

Going to rest in a North American country, you can not worry about the attitude towards foreigners: it will be benevolent. Culture, politeness, kindness - the innate qualities of Canadians. “It is not customary to meet here by clothes”: people are not divided according to the level of their position, the popularity of the clothing brand or the brand of their personal cars.

All of our employers have permits to hire employees outside of Canada, and can provide an invitation to work!

How we are working?

For more than 5 years we have been helping in the employment of newcomers, who arrive in the country of great opportunities.
Leave a request
You leave the online application form or immediately come to our office.
Our consultants help you determine the industry you need and select vacancies
Getting ready
We prepare documents for submitting a resume and present you to the employer.
We prepare visas
After confirmation from the employer, you prepare visa documents.
Get a visa
Get a visa and fly to Canada for a new job.
Congratulations on your new
promising work!

The advantages of working under a contract in contrast to the immigration process:


+ Ability to get a job as soon as possible (2-3 months).

+ Low cost of paperwork.

+ It's easier to get a residence permit while under contract in Canada.


- Long and hard moving.

- Costly process

- Requires a good knowledge of foreign languages.

Feedback from our customers

Below are reviews from people we have already helped move to Canada.

Frequently asked Questions

Answer the most popular questions about moving to Canada
How long does the process take from the submission of documents to the invitation?

From the moment of launching the process, 2-3 months, in rare cases, it may take an additional couple of weeks.

The cost of a work visa?

VISA- work permit (including renewal) 155 Canadian dollars. Please note that the cost may change with Canadian immigration policy.

Who pays the flight to Canada?

Many of our employers can pay for a plane ticket. It all depends on your contract with the employer and the chosen profession.