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In Canada, there are serious problems with finding qualified personnel in many industries. Recruitment of foreign citizens is an excellent option for many employers.

We are professionals in Canada and provide our foreign clients with reliable, direct internal advice on finding a job.

We recruit the best foreign professionals for Canadian employers who have permission to hire professionals outside of Canada or wish to obtain permission using the Service Transnational – Canada service . Employers in a wide range of industries can benefit from working with us, as one of the country’s leading firms, to satisfy their employment requirements.


Our extensive recruitment expertise will help Canadian employers. We know how to find qualified professionals with transferred skills and experience that are necessary for success in Canada.

Current government policy, fast and efficient. This helps Canadian employers hire and retain qualified foreign workers.

ST- Canada is a professional firm in Montreal offering expertise and assistance to individuals seeking a labor market impact assessment (LMIA) for working in Canada.

About Canadian Program LMIA immigration

We assist Canadian employers in processing applications for labor market impact assessment (LMIA) to hire foreign workers. We work with immigration consultants from many Canadian provinces who have more than 20 years of experience working with LMIA applications and processing.

Service Transnational invites Canadian employers who need to hire workers outside of Canada. We work with large and small companies, with private and public, we also invite private individuals to cooperate.

Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for employment at Canada . In some cases, to employ foreigners in Canada, an employer must issue a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

The employer must obtain LMIA (conclusion on the effect of hiring on the domestic labor market).

After receiving a positive result for LMIA, the employer is obliged to send a copy to his foreign employee. A positive LMIA result must be included in the employee’s application for a temporary work permit.

LMIA can be prepared for one or more employees. In the case of issuance of estimates for several employees, LMIA will be issued only to those employees who assume to take the same positions specified in the Canadian National Classification of Employment.

Hire a temporary worker under the temporary foreign worker program

Most employers need a labor market impact assessment (LMIA) before they can hire a temporary worker. Before you begin the hiring process, you must determine if you need LMIA. If you need LMIA, you need to hire a temporary worker under the Foreign Temporary Worker Program (TFWP).

TFWP allows employers to hire foreigners to cover temporary labor shortages and skills. After receiving a positive LMIA, you must provide a copy of the confirmation letter to each temporary worker and recommend that each of them apply for a work permit.

More information about LMIA, application forms and employer responsibilities can be found on the website of the Canadian Interim Employment and Social Development Program.

Your duties

As a temporary employer, you must:

  • arrange for employee benefits and medical insurance for a temporary worker upon arrival in Canada in accordance with the requirements of your province or territory;
  • make sure that the temporary employee has obtained the necessary work permits (social insurance number [SIN] is not proof that the person has a valid work permit);
  • comply with the terms and conditions specified in the temporary worker’s work permit – you are legally responsible for meeting these conditions, so make sure that you are familiar with them;
  • continue to actively engage in the business that has submitted a job offer as long as the temporary worker is working;
  • Comply with all federal, provincial and territorial employment laws, including recruitment laws;
  • provide the temporary employee with the profession indicated in the job offer;
  • to provide temporary workers with wages and working conditions that are or better than those specified in the job offer;
  • make reasonable efforts to ensure a workplace free from physical, sexual, psychological and financial violence;
  • to keep any documentation related to the hiring of a temporary worker for six years after the issuance of a work permit;
  • take part in any inspection and provide all requested documentation or information.

We invite partners in immigration law, certified immigration consultants from Canada, who have a good reputation in the ICCRC regulator.

Immigration counselors should have in-depth knowledge and experience in accessing clients’ requirements, promoting solutions and helping them with immigration issues and needs.

Immigration consultants working in Canada with experience with clients in all areas of immigration, including expedited entry applications, federal skilled workers, federal skilled occupations, Canadian experience class, training permits in provincial nominations, work permits, LMIA, spousal sponsorship, family sponsorship, temporary residence permit Temporary Visas and Super Visas.

Interested employers: please contact us for more information.