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Construction industry

Few Canadians know that Canada’s construction industry accounts for about seven percent of the country’s GDP, employs more than 1.3 million Canadians (1 for every 14 working Canadians) or that this is actually the fifth largest construction market in the world.

Today, the construction industry in Canada is changing dramatically as a result of a number of key events and trends. For some time, the construction industry has experienced unprecedented activity, stimulated by projects based on resources / goods, large transport projects and the urgent need to restore and expand Canada’s aging public infrastructure. The total investment in construction in Canada in 2014 amounted to more than 300 billion dollars. Just ten years ago, this figure was almost half as much – $ 154 billion.

Growing demand for employment

This activity is also evident from the factor of significant employment growth in the industry. The growth rate of employment is 86%.

The shortage of skilled and experienced builders able to cope with this unprecedented demand, and the increase in the number of retirements due to demographic aging are serious problems. BuildForce Canada states that by 2024, the construction industry will have to find about 350,000 new workers to keep up with demand and replace retirees in the interim period.

In the long run, attracting more immigrants to the construction industry should be a constant priority. But attracting them is only part of the problem.

Increase the cost of construction projects

ReNew Canada magazine publishes the top 100 public infrastructure projects in Canada each year. These are government projects, so they do not include petrochemical or mining projects. Each of the 52 best projects this year is estimated at $ 1 billion or more.

Construction professions

The construction professions include:

  • construction engineers;
  • architects;
  • surveyors;
  • economists;
  • technologists;
  • masters of construction and installation works;
  • crane operators;
  • workers when creating reinforced concrete structures;
  • roofers;
  • concrete workers;
  • installers for the installation of steel and reinforced concrete structures;
  • bricklayers;
  • facing for internal and external works;
  • painters, plasterers;
  • electric and gas welders;
  • installers;
  • electricians;
  • builders;
  • carpenters;
  • electricians;
  • mechanics;
  • tinsmiths;
  • masters of construction and finishing works;
  • joiners;
  • Finishers and so on.