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Farm work

Work in the agricultural sector on farms

In this area, work can be both seasonal and ongoing. Work on farms, in greenhouses and in vegetable factories.

Canadian farms need foreign workers

The Canadian Conference Board says the industry is facing a growing labor crisis. Canadian agriculture is facing a serious obstacle to future expansion due to the growing shortage of workers, according to a report from the Canadian Conference Council. The report, entitled “Sowing the Seeds of Growth,” states that the agricultural sector “is on the path seemingly unsustainable, with an ever-growing gap in the labor force, which is likely to double to 113,800 posts by 2025”. If this gap remains empty, it will have serious consequences for the future growth of the sector.

“Over the past decade, the difference between the affordable supply of domestic workers who want to work in agriculture and the sector’s demand for workers has more than doubled,” the report says. Meanwhile, “the sector was able to fill about three-quarters of its labor gap with temporary foreign workers, so now they constitute more than one in 10 people in the labor force. In the agricultural sector, Canada has the highest vacancy rate of seven percent, while most sectors range from one to 1.5 percent, ”added Wales in an interview.

Attracting foreign workers is extremely important, “because we do not have enough Canadian workers to do this work.”

The council worked to gather evidence and demonstrate to the federal government the special needs of agriculture. According to him, the situation in the manufacturing industry is almost the same.

“They lose profitability due to a shortage of workers, and every time we lose a processing plant, the entire sector suffers,” he says. “We are the No. 1 industry in Canada, and we have incredible growth potential, especially in exports.”

Работа на ферме

Farm work

The need for seasonal and temporary foreign workers is also likely to increase as farms increase production to meet growing global demand for food. Despite good wages, farms face difficulties in hiring workers due to “an aging work force, significant seasonal fluctuations in employment, a large number of jobs in rural areas and a negative perception of work in this sector,” the report says. “It’s just impossible to pay Canadians more for work in this sector or to buy more cars is impossible, and this will not eliminate the need for temporary foreign workers in the sector.” In agriculture, “there are the largest seasonal fluctuations in employment among all major sectors,” the report says. “At the peak of the season, this sector requires approximately 100,000 more than at seasonal lows.”

Farmers and processors across Canada are trying to find workers as more and more Canadians seek out-of-farm work. The result was the suppression of growth of farms, the growth of dependence on foreign workers and the loss of $ 1.5 billion. US per year.