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Many Canadian companies, due to the shortage of forestry workers, provide employment opportunities for immigrants from Canada or foreign nationals who want to work in Canada.

Logging in Canada offers employment opportunities in all areas of Canada in the field of forestry.

SALARY in this industry – from $ 20-34 per hour.

Together with the need to replace people who are retiring, this transformation creates jobs and good career opportunities. In the period from 2010 to 2020, the industry expects to fill 100,000 positions.


Лесное хозяйство

Lumberman – a profession of the XXI century?

Can not do without a saw

In Canada, the majority of mature and over-mature production forests are located in difficult-to-access areas, where it is impossible to use forest machines. These are forests of natural generations, often incorporating large-sized trees, inaccessible for swathing machines. That is why the profession of fellers demand. In a number of regions of the country, where winter harvesting dominates, the use of logging machines is hampered by extremely low temperatures, at which the machinery freezes the fluid in the hydraulic systems. In order not to stop the process, it is necessary to attract fellers.

The main advantage of work is a good salary, from $ 25-34 per hour

This is an opportunity to physically work year-round in the open air. Responsibilities include manual removal of vegetation from work sites, starting various logging equipment, and performing line cleaning, pruning and removal.

You can earn decent money in this profession, but do not forget that such work requires you to be a physically trained person. To get a decent payment, many begin their work at sunrise and continue until sunset. This field of activity is similar to work on a ship (fishing for crabs and shrimps) – the more forests, the higher the fee.