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Canada has been able to attract and keep nannies from abroad through its program. Some of the foreign nannies are qualified teachers, nurses and early childhood educators. Such specialists are in great demand, because they are devoted to their profession, hardworking, have excellent qualifications as an educator. This program allows nannies to work and eventually immigrate to Canada. Babysitters have the ability to manage the household and perform tasks such as cooking and cleaning, childcare, care for the elderly.

We can help you find a nanny job across the country: in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, London, Hamilton, Toronto, Barry, Kingston, Ottawa, St. John’s and Halifax.

How much should a nanny pay?

In many households where there are two working parents, there is always not enough time to take care of the children. Nannies are a great option if grandparents are not available, and in your area there is no place in kindergarten.

Nannies can provide your child with quality care, which will really help grow him healthy and prosperous. Babysitting services are essential – you can safely be at work, knowing that your child is in good hands in your own home.

If you start searching for a trustee and you wonder how much a nanny costs, read on! We will provide detailed information on the most important factors that affect the nanny salary.

The cost of babysitting can vary widely depending on your area and type of family. While some nannies are paid a minimum wage, others have an initial payout of $ 20 per hour – so it’s best to take all aspects into account before calculating your salary.

There are many options for paying a babysitter – per hour, per week, etc. For consistency, all amounts in this guide are given in hourly numbers.

What should employers submit?

  • Employers must pay a $ 1,000 non-refundable LMIA processing fee.
  • Employers must also cover the employee’s travel expenses (for example, the cost of an airline ticket from another country) or can recover these costs later.
  • An employee’s health insurance from the time they arrive in Canada until the time they are covered by a province / territory health plan must be paid by their employer.
  • The employer must register and pay insurance premiums to his provincial / territorial workplace safety insurance provider. Each province / territory has its own version and applicable premium rates.
  • Employers must pay the prevailing provincial average wage for the nanny and the parents’ assistants.

Average cost of babysitting in 2018

In 2018, the average nanny earned $ 18.69 per hour, and everything in the range from $ 17 to $ 20 was common. At a higher level, the nanny paid $ 22.35 per hour, while lower-level nannies earned 15.72 dollars per hour.


All nannies have different graphics. Some prefer to work on a full-time basis, from 9 to 5, from Monday to Friday, while others work part-time.

Since you are traveling under a contract, families most often hire a full-time nanny, in many cases family accommodation is provided.

Benefits of a foreign nanny

It is shown that foreign nannies on average have lower minimum wage rates compared to domestic ones.
Many foreign nannies are ready to become carers, which is a convenient asset for many households.
In your family, it may be useful to have a new culture — many families find it useful for a guardian from their home country to teach children another language or culture.