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Employment in the sewing sector

There are many professions in which sewing skills are applied – not only in clothing, but also in other areas. These include:

Clothing, hats, gloves – production and repair

  • seamstress;
  • tailor;
  • industrial sewing machine operator;
  • furrier (making things to order);
  • furrier;
  • glove manufacturer;
  • milliner.

Other sewing applications

  • home decor draper;
  • embroiderer;
  • Leatherworker;
  • Quilter;
  • Sailmaker;
  • shoemaker;
  • drapery

Sewing and other factories for operators of industrial sewing machines have many entry-level vacancies, starting with a minimum wage. Some of these employers offer training and do not require education at the secondary school level, but many are looking for experienced operators. The task for a beginner interested in this type of work is to find the first job that does not require previous work experience with industrial machines.

In addition to working in a factory, there are also opportunities for sewing at retail outlets, including clothing stores, cleaning products, and repair / rework services. In all likelihood, such employers will need prior experience and demonstrated skills.

Want to know what you will do?

Sew various pieces of clothing, including, but not limited to, pockets, flaps, zippers, hoods, and sleeves, as well as sew lining to the sheath.
Salaries in this field of activity range from $ 16-25 per hour.