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Truck driver and truck driver

Of course, working as a truck driver in Canada simplifies the process of moving to a permanent place of residence. It is not easy to implement this plan, but by making efforts it is quite possible. To start such a global event is a small – with a job search. Although it is work that is the main key to life in Canada.

Long-distance drivers are in high demand in Canada.

The high demand for truckers (truck drivers) means that a Canadian visa is widely available to foreign workers seeking employment in this specialty in Canada.

The Canadian automotive industry is facing a shortage of truckers in the amount of 48,000 people, and here we add the shortage of drivers to trucks of medium and small size. So those who seek to work in Canada have a great opportunity to realize their dream.

According to the Canadian Alliance for Freight, the average age of workers in this sector is 47 years or more, and a third of drivers are over 55 years old.

As a rule, a long-distance driver can drive up to 14 days, working 12 hours a day, with a break of three days between them.

The average salary ranges from $ 55,000 to $ 75,000, although drivers often get bonuses per mile, which allows them to earn a lot more. Many drivers, working on his truck, earn about $ 100,000 and more, without taxes.

This type of application means that candidates are likely to have a good chance of working in Canada if they apply for participation in one of the provincial nominal programs.

Interested candidates begin the process by receiving a job offer confirmed and approved by the Canadian Immigration Service. Ideally, an approved job offer will be offered in the province, which assumes permanent residence in the future.

Service Transnational works for a number of employers to find qualified foreign truck drivers. Qualified candidates are granted temporary work permits in Canada. At the end of the transition period, applicants can apply for permanent residence in Canada (immigration to Canada) under the provincial nominee programs (PNP).



As a result of the shortage of professional drivers, the Canadian government, through its immigration office, is entering the international level to attract foreign specialists to fill vacancies.

After many years in the freight industry, I can say without hesitation that very few Canadian truck drivers earn more than $ 70,000 in a company.

On average, Canadian truck drivers can really expect to earn between $ 50,000 and $ 65,000 a year, depending on where the trucking company is located in Canada.


Working as a truck driver in Canada can be associated with any kind of transportation – from an ice road to logging, from long trips over rough terrain to short trips.

There are many works on the transport of fuel (work on tankers), as well as on dry cargo ships and vans.

About 70% of all Canadian trucking accounted for trips across the border, and in the US and outside, truck drivers who need to cross the border between Canada and the US, require a passport or a Fast Card and no criminal record.

Drivers with a clean crime history are in great demand in Canada, because motor transport companies like to hire drivers who can be sent anywhere, not only within Canada.

Дальнобойщик и водитель грузового транспорта

Truck driver and truck driver

How does the work for the truckers?

As a rule, first-class drivers with work experience are required, knowledge of basic English is desirable, but not necessary. Much depends on which company you will work for. Many drivers (natives of the CIS) work in European companies without knowledge of languages. The main thing is the ability to work with documents when crossing the border, as well as with documents to accompany the cargo. The labor market for this profession in the northern regions is replenished by 3.2-4.8% per year. That is, there is a turnover of personnel. This is mainly because the work of the trucker covers the entire territory of Canada and in many cases the United States. After working for some time in the north, truckers are employed in companies located in areas with a more favorable climate. Many truckers go to other companies, having received a more interesting offer, if the contract allows.

In addition, the demand for cargo transportation increases annually, and in this case, a vacancy of a truck driver naturally opens in various regions of the country.

Company requirements

The company takes on the work of truckers from abroad. The main requirements are work experience and knowledge of English or French, at least at a minimum level, an understanding of paperwork. As a rule, companies require applicants to have a driving license of category A or 1, or C + E (driving a truck with a wagon); trucker experience of at least 1 year (preferably 2 or 3). Without experience, resumes are not even considered. Many companies have local offices in the cities where truckers live.

Drivers are invited to choose a work schedule in two modes:

  • Local – this is to work within a radius of 400 km from the office, fast transportation.
  • Conventional long distance transportation.
  • Companies that have many residences in various cities where routes lie, offer additional services to drivers. Provide seemingly inconspicuous but pleasant bonuses: rest rooms, laundry, maintenance, hotels, Wi-Fi. It should be noted that many truckers get a job in a company according to provincial programs. The chance to get citizenship, having a contract and work, is quite large. Having settled in the company for a small salary, over time, you can count on a significant increase.

For example, Schneider. Meets the applicant specific numbers. The company announces a salary of about $ 76 thousand per year, in addition, it offers an option in which the driver greatly influences the distribution of his working time. The company is headquartered in Wisconsin (USA), but work in Canada is possible if you get a job through representative offices in the south of the country.

If there is a goal to obtain citizenship, then you need to try to get into Canadian companies, and not in Russian in Canada. On a work visa, you can legally stay in Canada for 4 years. Russian companies do not give guarantees (specifically for truckers) that they succeed in immigrating successfully. Communication with the province influences citizenship.

For example, if you need to extend your work visa, the trucker may well be concerned about the provincial support in advance. This is a special document issued by the provincial authorities, and when it comes time to extend the work visa, the documents of the provincial support are submitted to the provincial immigration service, then the trucker no longer needs to receive LMO.

If there is a clear goal to immigrate, then it is better to look for work in the provinces, which will provide support in this matter.

Дальнобойщик и водитель грузового транспорта

Where to begin?

After arriving in Canada, you need to get a driver’s license (license). Three months Russian license is valid, but to work, during this time you need to get a Canadian driver’s license. Immediately receive the right to drive a car, then to drive a truck with air brakes, and already at the next stage a truck driving test is taken.

How to earn more trucker?

Big companies pay more. Also, when applying for a job, during an interview, you can ask about the social package and specify what working and insurance conditions are offered.

Initially, the company offers transportation in Canada. Those drivers who have the right to cross the border and go to the USA get a much higher salary.

To cross the border with the United States, you need the support of the company – for this you need to work out in it 1-1.5 years. The company will then send the documents to the US Embassy to get a visa by the trucker. Apply for travel to the United States immediately upon arrival in Canada is useless.

For those who have worked for 3-4 years without offenses, it is possible to get involved in serious companies that transport, for example, fuel or some kind of chemical composition. In such companies, wages of up to 60-70 cents for 1 mile, if the truck belongs to the company.

Many truckers buy trucks. In this case, the salary is increased many times, but the trucker takes on the full service of the truck, all insurance and expenses. As a rule, trucks buy those drivers who are sure that they will live in Canada. For a driver who just got a job, we need a large company that has a sufficient number of freight orders that can load the trucker with paid miles.

If the truck’s speedometer has a decent distance, for example, 2 million, many companies refuse to cooperate, and problems arise with insurance.

If the truck belongs to the company, then in the event of force majeure, breakage, the company must resolve the issue of replacing the car within 4 hours. Many companies specify this term in the contract.

A good reward is given to the driver, who already has permission to cross the border with the States. The route begins in Toronto, to the west coast of Canada, then crossing the US border, after which the goods are delivered to California or Texas, then return to Toronto. There may be other routes, but in any case they go to the south of the USA. This gives you many miles of travel and, accordingly, a payment of up to 7-8 thousand dollars, while initially the salary will be about 3,500-4,500 thousand dollars.

Working as a driver in Canada is not only a way to make money, but also a new world of great opportunities, which, unfortunately, is available in the former USSR only to the elect. The average salary in Canada allows an ordinary person without tricks and tricks, honestly doing his job, to live with dignity, buy a house, support a family, raise children, travel, rely on a secure old age.

How is wages formed?

A trucker (truck driver) is often equipped with an on-board computer, which is not very complicated and intuitive to operate. The employer sends in the form of an electronic message new tasks to free trucks, the task specifies the distance between loading and unloading points, as well as the distance from the point of arrival to the place of loading.

Salary trucker is charged for the distance, which can be immediately seen in the message from the employer. For one mile in Canada, an average of 37 cents is credited, and in the United States – 39 cents. In addition, there are bonuses, charges for crossing the border in one direction – $ 8-10, for unloading / loading – $ 30-35, often idle hours are paid – $ 20-25 / hour. But payment for idle time each employer can charge according to his, beforehand stipulated, rules. Most often, the simple is not paid from the first hour, but from the second or third. A similar situation happens during unloading, when you need to wait a day or two. Of course, for citizens of other countries, work in Canada is fully consistent with the legislation, and the company holds small amounts that are necessary to pay off insurance and other things.

Salary is paid every week or every other week. You can get money into your account at the end of the week, usually on Friday. On Thursday there is an opportunity to find out the exact amount of your salary, see the report on charges and fees. Each company may have its own small nuances, but basically the rules for the accrual of money are as follows.

Of course, you need a work visa for work.