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Wanted Auto Mechanics / Car mechanic to Canada

Mechanics and car mechanics is one of the sought-after jobs in Canada with high demand for labor markets. Mechanics with professional experience can relatively easily get a job offer from a Canadian employer and apply for a work visa to Canada. Mechanics who have worked in Canada for more than one year have the right to apply for immigration in order to obtain Permanent Residence status.

Skills and Responsibilities: Diagnostics and troubleshooting, repair and maintenance, component replacement, safety knowledge.

Employment conditions: permanent, full-time work schedule 40 hours per week.

Education: professional diploma / certificate

Work experience required: 1 year or on-the-job training depending on the employer.

English or French: minimum

Average salary: $ 25 per hour


* Inspect and inspect engines, transmissions, axles and brake systems for troubleshooting and malfunctions;

* Repair or replacement of engine components manually or with power tools;

* Perform routine maintenance, such as changing the oil and grease, brakes, in accordance with the recommended recommendations;

* Adjust the brakes, align the wheels, tighten the bolts and screws and related equipment;

* Possession of all trading tools, machine tools and power tools, as well as electronic diagnostic equipment

* Overhaul of passenger cars and light trucks (foreign and domestic)

* Perform other related duties as required.