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If you have experience as a welder, the possibilities for finding a job in this specialty are endless. Welders are currently in great demand in Canada, especially qualified welders with many years of experience. Knowledge and skills cannot be replaced by technology.

Welders are in great demand in Canada, which leads to higher wages.

Description of work

As a welder, you perform some of the following or all duties:

Reading and interpretation of welding drawings or specifications.
Use manual or semi-automatic welding equipment for melting metal segments using such processes as:

  • gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW);
  • gas arc welding (GMAW);
  • arc welding with cored wire (FCAW);
  • plasma welding (PAH);
  • arc welding in protective metal (SMAW);
  • hydroxyacetylene welding (OAW);
  • resistance welding and submerged arc welding (SAW) Arc.
  • Work with manual or semi-automatic flame cutting equipment.
  • Work with machines for metal processing, such as brakes, scissors and other machines for straightening and bending metal.
  • Repair of worn parts of metal products by welding on additional layers.
  • Service and repair of welding, soldering equipment.
  • You can specialize in certain types of welding, such as custom manufacturing, shipbuilding and repair, precision aerospace welding,
  • pipeline welding or welding to repair equipment
  • Industry Overview

Technological improvements, such as increased automation, reduce the number of new jobs for welders. However, highly skilled installers and operators of welding machines may notice an increase in demand as a result of the use of these new technologies.

The greatest demand for welding work is associated with the construction of production, such as the manufacture of architectural and structural metals. Employment opportunities for welders in the woodworking sector are limited.

Types of employers

As a welder you can work:

  • at production / factory;
  • in mechanical workshops;
  • on construction sites;
  • on oil and gas towers and pipelines;
  • with contractors and in welding shops;
  • with a private entrepreneur.
  • Production specialists can work at sawmills at pulp and paper mills, in shipbuilding or aircraft manufacturing, and in many other industries.


In Canada, the average annual salary for welders and machine operators is $ 60,482. Your salary depends on job requirements, working conditions and location.

Welders often earn between $ 21 and $ 34 per hour. Highly skilled welders can earn $ 50 per hour, depending on what type of welding is required. Those who work on pipelines in remote locations can earn up to $ 100,000 a year or more