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Work on ships

Commercial fishing is the hardest job in North America

80000 $ -150000 $ FOR THE SEASON, depending on the catch.

Are you a brave person who likes to take risks? You are a physically prepared person, ready to work 18-20 hours a day – then this work is for you!

What is the return? A successful crab boat can generate almost a million dollars in one trip. Crew members can go home with more than 50 thousand dollars in just a few weeks of work. It is this promise of quick money that lures many newcomers to change their lifestyle. But it will take a long time to earn these trophies. Crew members earn a high share or full share. Fishermen who fish for crabs do one of the most dangerous jobs in the world in the hope of gaining wealth. Crab fishing involves throwing steel pounds weighing 800 pounds, they are called crab pots. The fishermen cover the traps with herring meat as bait, and the crabs climb on an inclined plane to get food, then fall to the bottom of the pan, from which they cannot escape. Fishermen leave these pots in water for a day or two to allow them to fill up and then pick up their cargo. But the weather and water sometimes obey the rage of the evil Poseidon. Dragging nets or cells weighing a few hundred pounds is hard work. Add torrential rain, waves and icy wind, and such work will become dangerous. Because of its geographical location, water is often colder than other fishing areas.

What makes people go back to catching crabs, season after season? Many swim in the blue waters in search of “green”. Business Week magazine called crab fishing “the worst job with the best pay” when fishermen for several days received up to $ 50,000 for catching a crab.

True, with suitable weather at sea, catching crabs pays off well in exchange for a hell of a week or so, but officials warn about the unpredictability of fishing, because everything depends on the size of the catch. Typically, crew members receive from 1.5 to 10 percent of ship profits. In 2006, 505 commercial fishermen caught a crab worth more than $ 127 million. This averages over $ 250,000 per person.

Standard employer requests for fisheries

Type of employment: Full-time – seasonal contract.

Description of work:

  • Preparing nets, lines and other fishing gear.
  • Working fishing tackle for fishing.
  • Clean, sort and pack fish in ice and place them in a fishhold freezer.
  • Network repair, maintenance of fishing gear and other deck equipment.
  • Deck surface cleaning and fish retention.
  • Processing of lines of mooring during parking.
  • The total content of the vessel.


  • Education: Education is not required.
  • Experience: Experience is an advantage, if there is one.
  • anguage proficiency is minimal.


This position is intended to work on a fishing vessel for a full day, and we need the crew’s permanent stay on a fishing vessel throughout the season. Please note that we cannot interrupt our operation to land a crew on land. Trips to the sea can last up to 4 months. Do not apply if you are not ready to go on such a fishing trip.

Salary: Note that salary includes 5% of gross income with a minimum weekly salary of $ 900 (based on 30 hours X 30.00 dollars).

Advantages: room, food, meals, Wi-Fi and satellite TV.

  • salary $ from 3900 / month + bonuses from the catch.

Free space and food on the boat. Antibiotics, standard first aid kit

Работа на кораблях